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Energy Saving Tips
Respected consumers of Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited are requested for saving energy. Here are some energy saving tips which are very useful and too easy for put it in to practice. You can save more than 10 % to 20 % energy or more by adopting the simple tips and it will definitely help you to minimize your energy bill, to save your budget and also it will reduce the MW demand of PGVCL. PGVCL further appeals to stop the theft of energy, as it is the enemy of the society.


Clean your tube lights and lamps regularly.

Use compact fluorescent tube lights with lower capacity instead of ordinary bulbs.

Use fan in summer instead of air conditioner as far as possible.

Set air conditioner coolness as per requirement.

Use daylight and fresh air by opening windows of home.

Use ISI mark appliances.

Don't open and close door of refrigerator frequently.

Defrost freezer compartment regularly for a manual defrost refrigerator.

Take care for proper closing of refrigerator door.

Don't put hot meal in refrigerator.

Switch off refrigerator when you go out station.

Insulate heater pipes properly.

Use hot water as per requirement.

Use microwave oven instead of ordinary oven.

Turn off computer when not in use.

Use water pump as per requirement only.

Use washing machine with full load.

Dry cloths in open air instead in washing machine.

Use solar cooker.

Remove un used fixtures.

Use light color walls and furniture.

Use proper size of motors.

Use non-conventional energy as far as possible.

Switch off unused lights in lunch break in office.

Turn off lights when not in use immediately.


Minimize the use of belts in factory which lost energy.
Don't utilize damaged bearings / bushing which lost energy.
Use appropriate motor capacity for machine.
Use always ISI motors and minimize cable length.
Always use required capacity capacitors to correct power factor.


Use good quality PVC pipes.
Use less resistance foot valves.
Keep motor / submersible in good condition and lubricate it regularly.
Use appropriate capacity motors as per length and diameter of suction and delivery pipes.
Use appropriate shunt capacitor for improve power factor which will reduce consumption.
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